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Don’t ever underestimate the power and impact of a good window cleaning. Window cleaning is most often ignored or at times, you may postpone a window cleaning to be carried out on a regular basis. This is because you may not really be aware the positive impact it has on the residents, employees and customers’ alike.

We at Squeegee Masters specialise in window cleaning and this is one of our primary cleaning services that we extend to both our commercial and residential customers’. We know the importance of timely window cleaning and how it reflects well on your business and home.

As part of our residential window cleaning services, our professional window cleaners clean the insides and outsides of the windows. In addition, the window sills and frames cleaning, cleaning and washing flyscreens, pool fence cleaning and skylights cleaning are also carried out by us. So, as part of our residential window cleaning, we will clean the windows of individual residences and apartments. To aid in our window cleaning, we also rely on water-fed pole cleaning method and we also use scissor lifts or boom lifts to aid in the cleaning.

Commercial buildings will most definitely be three-storied or higher. And commercial buildings will be made of all glass or will have a lot of windows at different heights. This is not an issue for our window cleaners and we use the latest window cleaning gear and equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts and water-fed pole methods to ensure that the commercial window cleaning is impressive and eye-catching.

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